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I understand the want and need for the New York Yankees to play hard, but the booing of players shows a bratty behavior that is so pathetic, so unnecessary in the cold month of April, I'm embarrassed by you all.  Shame on you.

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Sonny Gray, probably one of the nicest, harder working guys in baseball was booed by Yankee fans last night.  And while I see the frustration, I am sorry, you should turn in your 'Yankee Root Card', because you fans aggravate me. Sportsnet columnist Shi Davidi tweeted this about it for the world to see. Many publications obviously picked it up or saw it live:

But that's not all. Even writers and analysts took light shots.  Our pal Bryan Hoch tweeted this out:

Valid I guess. And Jack Curry tweeted this, and I even responded to Jack:
It doesn't mean that as a fan I give up on him in April. That would be ridiculous.

Now look, I'm the first guy to rank on a player that isn't performing, but it's way too early for that. I reserve the right to not kill these players right now.  Giancarlo is slow.

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Gray clearly is having a tough time. The Yankee pen is not getting it together fast enough either.  Hell, even Neil Walker and Tyler Wade kind of suck.  It's baseball. Sometimes it happens.  The best thing we can do as fans though... especially in April is stay quiet with criticism and root hard for results.

If this was September... I'd be pissed.  It's not... so I won't be. The best thing I can do as a fan is give support.  Strangely, that's the irony of this whole post. 

We LOVED that the Yankees supported a young girl who was being bullied the other day They showed her their messages of support in a public video. They told her they had her back.

We loved it. It was heartwarming. Yet, if a Yankee doesn't perform in a game, we bully them?  What happened to 'Got your back'?

Real bright.

Let's go Sonny, I got your back!

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The Red Sox drive me nuts.  This one takes the cake.

NESN has this one.  Sweet Lord...

"The Pawtucket Red Sox will host the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders, the New York Yankees Triple-A team, at McCoy Stadium in what’s being called “Evil Empire Weekend.” The promotion stems from the Red Sox-Yankees brawl between Joe Kelly and Tyler Austin earlier this month at Fenway Park."

So let's keep this real. This "promotion" doesn't get more people in the door. It just gets under Yankee fans skin.  And sure, that's what the damn Sox want, but what's the purpose of calling it a "promotion" then?

I find this tactic stupid. It shows immaturity. It shows bad business. After all, this was started because the Red Sox infielder Brock Holt was "offended" because Tyler Austin allegedly broke up a double play and touched his leg with his spike.

By the way... THAT'S PART OF THE GAME.  And in fairness, if you look at that slide, like I did about 100 times since then, there was nothing outrageous about it.

So when that Nancy Joe Kelly threw at Austin, it made perfect sense that Tyler would want to bash his porcelain face in.

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Look... baseball is about athletes playing hard.  It's not about being upset or offended by players spiking or getting too close to their opponent. I'm over all of it, and I sure as hell hate this ridiculously, stupid "promotion".

Can't we all just get along?

Friday, April 20, 2018


Finally.  I can't stand this guy.

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If you know anything about BYB, you know that being an ego maniac gets you nowhere and we see that garbage immediately and cut right through that. Matt Harvey falls into that category and now, it's all coming back to haunt him, and I am hoping once reality sets in, he will either just be quiet, or eat some humble pie and become a regular person.  Hard lesson to learn, but I have a hunch he will eventually learn it, or maybe not because tools don't always learn when they fall from grace... or fake-grace... whatever this is that Harvey is in right now.

Metro writes a great piece about the latest Harvey saga.  Check out this gem...

"The New York Mets being able to trot out their five stud starters of Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler and Steven Matz isn't going to last for long.

Some of that is because veteran southpaw Jason Vargas, who was signed during the winter provide some much-needed rotational depth, will be returning from an injury to his non-pitching hand in the coming days.

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But most of that is because Matt Harvey simply is not an MLB-caliber starting pitcher anymore and we all saw it again on Thursday night."

The Mets lost to the Braves, and suddenly there has been a change in the Mets playing style.  They are starting to lose. There is a lot of speculation that Vargas will replace Harvey in the rotation. And I'd love to see that happen. Hell, I think Mets fans would... he's just not good.

Now I'm not a Mets hater, but I am not a fan of Harvey. And hey, Harvey is a Met, so people think I'm anti-Met. I'm not. I just want Harvey to have a reality check.  He's not the same pitcher he once was according to many, but to be honest, I think he was never that pitcher... I think he was just once lucky.

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"Harvey... knew he was good, pretty much told everybody he was great, bought into the hype and reeked of arrogance as he said it, and tried to bang strippers using the ol' "I'm the Dark Knight, wanna see my penis?"

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So once Harvey started to realize he wasn't very good, and started having problems, the media pounced, because like I have written earlier, while celebs and athletes can be cool, there is always someone to remind them they are not, because they do digging through scandal, or blow up stories to try and knock them down."

Harvey was knocked down, but much of it was because of his own self-consumed arrogance.  When reality set in, he was no longer Nolan Ryan, he was more like Mark Fidrych (God, rest his soul)

A fun character, but that's about it.

No one likes to see a person be successful more than me, but admittedly, I enjoy watching failure happen when a person thinks he is untouchable. Matty is that.

Here's some humble pie, Mr. Harvey....

Eat it.

And good luck to the Mets, they'd be better off without him.


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Last night the Yankees bullpen was the pen that was talked about all off season.  That pen that, even if they were to get into trouble, be it by the starters or by their own doing, they could work through it, and dominate an opponent.

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And no, it wasn't perfect... but they did it.  And my suggestion is maybe this is a sign that they can become that dominant pen we heard all about. Green, Betances, Robertson and Chapman did it.  Now... CC Sabathia didn't get the win, but that's fine... a win's a win.  I'm just glad they got it done.

Sportsnet writes:

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"David Robertson went wild and loaded the bases in the eighth inning, and the Yankees weren’t all that concerned.

'Whenever it’s a tough situation like that, I want D-Rob on the mound,' Aaron Judge said. Or as manager Aaron Boone put it: 'He doesn’t blink.'

Judge hit his fifth home run, Robertson pitched out of a self-inflicted jam and New York overcame some shaky defence on a chilly night to beat the Toronto Blue Jays 4-3 on Thursday."

It was a dicey moment for DRob. Even BYB Junior Writer Michael Carnesi mentioned his uncomfortable fan moment on Twitter:

But in the end, he got the job done, and so did Chapman who struck out the side and looked like his own self.  And that's what the pen needed to gain some confidence.  That's what us fans needed.

Thank God!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Quick note. 

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Tommy Kahnle is down for the count. Maybe that's why he's stinking up the joint.

FOX Sports writes this:

"Yankees reliever Tommy Kahnle will be shut down for 10 days and likely miss a few weeks after being diagnosed with biceps and shoulder tendinitis.

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New York manager Aaron Boone revealed the diagnosis Thursday before a game against the Blue Jays. Kahnle had an MRI this week that revealed the tendinitis. The right-hander was placed on the disabled list Tuesday."

We'll have to see if the rest of the Bullpen is also hurting.  This makes a lot of sense about Tommy, but I wonder if anyone else is experiencing fatigue, dead arm, tendinitis, or just suck in general.

Stay tuned.

Be Read. Get Known.


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That was a quote from a friend of mine the other day in reference to Giancarlo Stanton.

"You see how much he strikes out? Stanton's terrible.  Derek Jeter's a genius dumping him," he said as he sipped his beer and re-adjusted to the game at hand.

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Here's the reality folks.  When Giancarlo is hot, he's hot. But that doesn't dismiss the fact that the guy strikes out an awful lot and has most of his career.  Couple that with him trying to adjust to the American League, being a New York Yankee and the pressure of a big market... there is no question he is having difficulty. It's a head game and Giancarlo is losing it.

Does Stanton suck? Well, it's April, I won't go there... yet.  Plus, collectively, you can't expect 1 guy to get a team wins every night.  It's collective and if we are using the word "suck"... look at the pen. The bullpen's stinking up the joint.

Now there is chatter that we need to move Stanton down in the order. I'm being honest here... I love this idea. Less pressure and it allows him to work out the kinks and mind games he's going through. To be fair, it makes perfect sense... writes:

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"Giancarlo Stanton's April struggles seemingly are worth a response and it could be coming Thursday night when the 8-8 and third-place Yankees return from an off day to begin a four-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. Boone admitted after the Yankees’ 9-1 blowout loss to the Miami Marlins on Tuesday night that he "might flirt with" dropping Stanton out of the cleanup spot to lower in the order. How low would Boone dare drop Stanton? Probably not much. Regardless, here’s a suggestion for Boone to use for the Yankees-Blue Jays series...

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5. Giancarlo Stanton, DH 2018 stats: .197 average, 66 AB, 9 runs, 13 hits, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 3 HR, 10 RBIs, 7 BB, 29 K, 1 SB, 0 CS, 16 Analysis: I know some people want to drop Stanton all the way to sixth or seventh, but that’s too low at this point in the season. For now, I’d stick him in the fifth hole and see if he can get hot hitting behind Sanchez. It’s only 16 games in and that’s too soon for me to drop him into a spot where it looks like you’ve lost confidence in him. Also, going by Stanton’s track record for every season but one, he’s always been a very slow starter who starts getting hot in late April or early May."

Love it. Drop him in the lineup. Let him get his head right.

What do you think?

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