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Slump? I think not.

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Tyler Austin was magnificent yesterday.  Just what the Yankees and Yankee fans needed.  Especially after Suzie Pinstripe was all over certain broadcasters for their false accusation of Austin slumping hard and insinuating him hurting the Yankees team.  Read YOU KNOW WHAT? TYLER AUSTIN IS BETTER THAN YES SAYS for more, but let's put a slump in perspective...

Slumps happen often. Sometimes they are 0-18... sometimes they are 2-40. But here's the reality.  You can't get out of a slump sitting on a bench.  You can only overcome a slump by working through it, thinking opposite field, just putting the bat on the ball and remembering the world famous phrase... "Don't try to do too much."  It's frustrating for a batter, hard for a team, because automatically, you want to bench a bad player.  But sticking with that player in a slump is good as well, because it again... allows a player to work through it, and eventually... you would hope, get back to hitting.

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The Yankees and Aaron Boone stuck with Tyler Austin for his slow spell.  And Tyler Austin got back to work.  No one knows why slow downs happen.  No one knows why you some days see the ball real good, and other days, don't.  But I do know this... Austin wasn't in a slump... he was merely in a slow down and that's fine.  It's irrelevant now anyway. He's out of it.

Ken Davidoff of the New York Post writes:

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"The Yankees’ fill-in first baseman slammed two homers at spacious Kauffman Stadium and drove home four runs to lead a power-charged, 10-1 rout of the terrible Royals. With a 30-13 record, technical occupancy of the American League East penthouse, a 21-4 record in their last 25 games, and eight straight series wins, their best such run since the record-setting 1998 season, the Yankees are cruising on the remarkable depth of their roster."

And now the big question is... what happens next?  With Greg Bird expected back this week... will Austin be sent down? Sit the bench? We will obviously need to see, although, my thought process is with Clint Frazier going back down after this weekend, maybe that makes room for Bird, and maybe there's a platoon situation between Bird and Austin.  You don't want to take a hot bat like Tyler's out of the lineup, but at the same time, you really want to see what Bird has.

Whatever the case, I loved seeing Wonderboy crush it yesterday.  Atta boy kid.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018



Aaron Hicks is the first Yankee player to hit multiple inside the park home runs in a season since 1958; and the season is only just shy of two months old.  The last Yankee to hit three inside the parkers was Mickey Mantle.  But that sixty year old record could be crushed by Hicks if he keeps up this momentum.

Source: Sporting News

With his first inside the parker coming against Detroit in April, his second was a shot deep into the outfield against Kansas City.  "Hicks' solo shot bounced off the top of the rightfield wall and back onto the warning track as Royals rightfielder Jorge Soler struggled to chase down the ball," reported


Earlier in the season, SB Nation called 2018 the "Year of the Inside-The-Park Home Run."  "Sure, normal dingers take strength and coordination and they’re still very entertaining. We are not here to disparage everyday dingers. But inside-the-park home runs take strength and coordination plus luck, speed (or at least an effort to go as fast as you can in the moment), and maybe even a mistake (or three) by the outfielders responsible for getting the ball towards the plate."  

Source: Sports Illustrated

The last time an MLB player hit three inside the parkers in one season was back in 1987.  That player was slugger Ruben Sierra with the Texas Rangers.  Knowing that this is not something you see everyday, this season has seen a number already.  They are exciting to watch as much as for the fans as for the player who hit it.  There is a bit of little leaguer in the player who hits it; a boyish smile like Hicks gave with both home runs. Sometimes they occur because they are bobbled out in the outfield, but a pure one is just a well hit ball and followed by excellent speed on the bases.

Photo: Orlin Wagner, AP

After a number of rain outs, transportation woes and an uncomfortable night in the airport, the Yankees made an amazing comeback last night with traditional over the fence home runs coming from Gleyber Torres, Giancarlo Stanton and two from Gary Sanchez and of course Hicks's inside the parker.  These five home runs led to a Yankee win against the Royals in the second game of the series.  Exciting to see the long ball anytime you go to the ballpark, but an inside the park home run adds a little something special to the game.

Source: Orlin Wagner, AP

Would be cool to see Hicks tie or even break Mantle's record making 2018 even more special than it already appears to be for the Yankees.  "Hicks won't be able to notch three inside-the-parkers in a month like Mantle did during his improbable run, but if he gets even one more in 2018, he'll be the first player in 30 years to get three in one season," according to Would love to see him make some history.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
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Saturday, May 19, 2018


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The Yankees are once again connected to the very talented Cole Hamels.  This nugget is out there, thank God for AJ. Herrmann of YES Network... 2 R's... 2 N's.

"The New York Yankees have long been a team rumored to be searching for another big-ticket starting pitcher, and one prominent left-hander could soon be on the move. Cole Hamels, the 34-year-old Texas Rangers lefty, is one of the high-profile players expected to be dealt now that the Rangers are 'open for business,' per a recent Ken Rosenthal report in The Athletic.

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According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the five likeliest landing spots for the veteran lefty are the Brewers, Cubs, Phillies, Diamondbacks and Yankees ...

The Yankees have the financial flexibility and abundance of prospect talent to swing a deal for an impact arm like Hamels, who owns a career 3.48 ERA in the postseason. This is also not the first time the Yankees have expressed interest in Hamels, so they've done their due diligence in keeping an eye on Hamels over the years."

Photo: A.J. Herrmann with Nick Swisher
That's right, Herrmann credited two very well respected reporters. Yes, this report came from Ken Rosenthal of the Athletic, and Bob Nightengale of USA Today.  That being said... we're giving a plug to YES because we love them. Nothing against Kenny and Bob...

I am curious as to what happens next with this rumor. Could you see Hamels in the Bronx? Comment... and stay tuned.

Victoria's Secret


Larry Murphy | For The Times of Trenton
Just recently Bleeding Yankee Blue let the world know about this new gimmick the Trenton Thunder were doing for the New Jersey Yankee fans.  Pork Roll nights in Trenton.  That's right... and if you are a NJ person, you love this.  If you don't live in NJ you have no friggin' idea what we are talking about...and that's OK. We're here to tell you. In fact, read HOLY PORK ROLL, I CAN'T WAIT! for a quick refresher.  See? There are some good things about New Jersey.

Anyway... The Trenton Pork Roll won last night.  Here's the story from Pinstriped Prospects:

Larry Murphy | For The Times of Trenton
"...While the name and the uniform might have changed for a night, the product on the field stayed the same, thanks mostly to Trenton starter Brian Keller who, you could say, was on a roll on Friday night. Keller went eight innings, allowing zero runs, two walks, and four strikeouts.

Through five innings, Keller held the BaySox hitless until a ground-ball took a funny hop towards Trenton 1B Chris Gittens and went under his glove into right field for a base hit."

And just like that, the Trenton ah... Pork Roll's record is now 26-14, leading their division.

Nice work, boys... keep it going.

Time for breakfast...

That's about right.

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I tip my cap to Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza.  Not only are they decent broadcasters... they also dressed up like Stormtroopers for their broadcast.
But the best part? They didn't reference the outfits early on.  Kind of like "This is us, we're just doing a broadcast for Star Wars night. Nothing to see here..."

I loved it.  Hope you check out the video on that tweet! Classic.

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I say it jokingly, but reality is... he's going to play. Not only that, he's going to start. At least that's what we think is going to happen.

The great George King III of the New York Post writes this nugget:

"With the Royals starting lefties Danny Duffy on Saturday and Eric Skoglund on Sunday, there is a chance right-handed hitting outfielder Clint Frazier could be in the lineup for each game. 'I would say likely for [Saturday],’

Source: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images North America
Yankees manager Aaron Boone said of Frazier making his 2018 debut. 'But I evaluate that at the end of each day.’"

We reported on Red Thunder's arrival to the Bronx the other day (HERE) and his likelihood to play because of the lefty starting situation with KC.  Glad he's probably gonna see some at bats.

Secondly, you have to appreciate Boone not giving away too much, but still talking to the press with a possible game plan.  I mean sure, Boone could change his mind and NOT start Frazier... but hopefully he does, and hopefully Clint succeeds. 

Looking forward to it.

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